Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've started something!

I have started making this 'ruby doll' pattern from: . Please tell me someone if you can't see this link!! I am hopelessly slow at putting things together at the moment. My energies are scattered everywhere! I aim to have her completed by this weekend. I shall keep you posted.

There was a 50 cent sale at the opp shop on Monday (my day off). I went bananas! I got a whole box of patchwork sized bits for 3 dollars! Ha! I do worry a little sometimes at my adrenallin levels when I come across a good opp shop sale! I am an opp shop/ garage sale addict!!


Anna Laura said...

ooh I love good op-shop finds. Sometimes I feel bad because it is so cheap, but I guess that is part of the thrill!

crafty things said...

Can't see the link. Is this One Red Robin's Ruby Doll pattern? My daughter and I both had a go at making one.

Check these out!

Check these out!
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Groovy dress made from curtains