Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flashback Friday

Rewind......My bedroom 1985!
Check this out! 'Clutter Free' was far from the agenda in these days. Note artifacts of interest:
Brian Mannix poster, garfield postcard, cabbabge patch doll (Zacharay) macrame wall hanging, little paper parasols from large eateries such as 'Dennys', china doll, old style camera, clip on koala....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Owen's pirate party!

My son had his big '03' party yesterday. There were party pies and cheezles all round, while the kiddies played pass the parcel, pin the bones on the pirate ship flag and a good old fashioned hunt for treasure. I don't advise doing BLACK buttercream icing though, one of the kids thought it might be licorice. It's also a bit messy; but hey, it's how it looks that counts. In typical, high strung pre-party fashion, I finished the cake 5 minutes before everyone arrived! I made Owen a little t-shirt out of a ladies stripey top. I couldn't convince him to wear his pirate hat though!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cut and Paste in great haste!

My boy did this this morning. This big piece of silver card is one of a pile of old smoked salmon boards I saved from my days in the kitchen several years ago. How's that for recycling!! This is hanging quite proudly in the hallway entrance.

Christmas Cheer!

This advent calendar came over from England. It came from my boy's Nan, I think it has been made in Germany. Anyway, I love the idea of an advent calendar you can use over and over again. To be honest, as you might be able to see, we haven't been regular with our days. The bags are big enough to put in generous sized treats. So far he has had a feather, money, stickers, the odd lolly and a rather large marble.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A hot day at the market...

My very first day with my newly made childrens clothes (made by yours truly and my mum). Arrived all ready for action. Unfortunately, there wasn't much action in the spot I was in. A few people poked and prodded. The sun was sooooo hot, and it seemed that I was in the only spot with NO SHADE whatsoever. I ended up packing up everything by 11am (the market was due to finish at 1pm). The good thing,however, is that I had no expectations of how the day would pan out. I spent the next two hours wandering around and chatting to some wonderful people.

PS. Note to self- need umbrella

Check these out!

Check these out!
Assorted items...

Groovy dress made from curtains

Groovy dress made from curtains