Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here I am

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I'd like to formally welcome myself to the wide world of blogging.
"Hi there...".
Ok, that's done.
Second, I'd like to tell you a liitle about what I hope to achieve with this space:

1. A forum to celebrate the best and worst of everyday living. Pretty simple really.
2.To share my views on collecting and resurrecting little treasures (and sometimes big ones).
3. A mish mash of bits and pieces on sustainable living, being thrifty (just like Nana) and creations of the fabric and food kind.
4. Relaxation. Don't we all need more! I'm planning to do as much relaxing as possible without feeling guilt ridden!
5. Thoughtful Contemplation. Ok, now I'm just sounding repetitive...

Anyway, I think that's about as much as I'd like to reveal for the moment!

Check these out!

Check these out!
Assorted items...

Groovy dress made from curtains

Groovy dress made from curtains